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Laparoscopic Surgery Philippines: Cardinal Santos

Whether it’s a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic hernia repair, laparoscopic splenectomy, or laparoscopic hepatectomy, there are a number of laparoscopic surgeries you can opt for. But although this is the case, there are only a few healthcare facilities and surgeons in the country that provide this service. That’s why if you’re looking for laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines, you can schedule it here at Cardinal Santos Medical Center!

Why CSMC for Laparoscopic Surgery in The Philippines

Laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines is not offered by all healthcare facilities because it requires special equipment and highly-trained doctors to perform the procedure. It is a minimally invasive surgery but is tricky and can only be done by skilled surgeons. So what are the reasons why CSMC is the best health facility for you?

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Philippine Center for Advanced Surgery

The main reason why laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines is uncommon is because of the intensive training it requires for surgeons. Doctors have to undergo comprehensive theoretical and practical education before they can apply this surgery to their patients.

This is why Cardinal Santos Medical Center opened its very first training facility for minimally invasive surgery such as laparoscopic surgery. The program is designed to train medical experts in and out of the country on innovative procedures to help patients experience a better quality of life.

As a medical center with the best residency programs in the Philippines, our facilities include a dry laboratory, skill laboratory, and lecture room to train surgeons in the use of laparoscopic equipment.

PCAS is the only training center in the Philippines that is accredited by the following international institutions: The Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia (ELSA), the Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS, The Asia Endosurgery Task Force (AETF) and the Japan Society for Endoscopic Surgery (JSES).

It also holds the privilege of being awarded the Gold Award for Talent Development Project in the Asian Hospital Management Awards in 2019.

Philippine Association of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeons Accreditation

CSMC’s Philippine Center for Advanced Surgery is accredited by the Philippines Association of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeons (PALES). It is the organization of surgeons that aims to promote the development of high-quality, safe, and accessible laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines. Through research and education, they are dedicated to the highest standard in this medical field.

State of The Art Operating Workstations

Here at CSMC, we are dedicated to bringing you the best equipment and amenities for your diagnostic exams, laparoscopic surgery, and hospital stay.

As one of the top hospitals known in the country for its minimally invasive surgery, CSMC has provided its highly skilled surgeons access to the latest operating workstations. This includes sophisticated endo-laparoscopy systems with high-resolution imaging, special surgical tools, and more. Other than that, we also offer the latest diagnostic equipment if you need them. This is part of our commitment to efficiently and safely provide laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines.

Top Surgeons in The Philippines

With the best surgeons in the Philippines, CSMC has multiple clinical departments that can cater to various types of health conditions. Among its numerous doctors are some of the top surgeons of the country in the Department of Surgery. If you’re looking for laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines, we have the right medical experts that are trained on the job.

Because laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive operation, it requires specialized techniques to minimize scarring compared to traditional methods. This is why our laparoscopic surgeons have mastered advanced endo-surgical skills such as suturing, dissection, intracorporeal knot-typing, and eye-hand coordination.

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Why do you need Laparoscopic Surgery?

There are numerous reasons why your doctor might recommend laparoscopic Surgery in the Philippines. For one, it is a minimally invasive procedure. The surgical tool and the camera can be inserted through a small cut in the skin so your doctor can perform the operation. This requires fewer incisions than traditional surgeries. Patients often experience a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery after the operation. For this reason, you can return to your normal life sooner.

Diagnosis and Treatment of a Variety of Conditions

Laparoscopic surgery was typically used for gallbladder procedures such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy. It was also successful in gynecologic operations such as laparoscopic endometriosis surgery.

But now the method can be used in numerous types of health conditions. It is typically recommended for most intestinal surgeries for cancer, rectal prolapse, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease. Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery is also a common operation that could be recommended by your surgeon.

Other than that, laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines has also been used to perform organ resections in nephrectomy, adrenalectomy, and splenectomy. Laparoscopy can also be utilized to diagnose pelvic and abdominal pain if an ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI scan are not enough to make a diagnosis.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Most patients feel shocked, overwhelmed, and stressed if they’re told that they need surgery. As a patient, you might be hesitant to undergo one especially if it’s a major medical operation. But withthe advancement of laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines, you can now benefit from a minimally invasive procedure. Before this, most surgeons have to make a cut that was more than 6 inches long so they have enough room to work on.

But with laparoscopic surgery, a surgeon only needs several half-centimeters to centimeter incisions to complete the operation. With the help of special medical instruments, high-resolutions cameras, and high-quality imaging on a monitor, they can see detailed images of the body part and complete the surgery.

Shorter Hospital Stays

To make your experience better, one of our main concerns is how to shorten your hospital stay so you can continue your normal life as soon as possible. This way, you can save on hospital bills, enjoy your family time, continue your careers, or have a fresh start. But with traditional surgery methods, you are looking at a week or months of recovery time.

With laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines, you can shorten your hospital stay. With fewer incisions needed for the operation, your body can also heal faster. Because you can avoid large open wounds, you also have decreased blood loss and discomfort. This way, you can come back to your normal life sooner.

Smaller Scars After the Surgery

Scars are a symbol of what you have been through as a patient. It represents your desire to fight against your condition. But here at CSMC, we want you to reduce the number of scars you have after your operation through laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines.

This operation requires small incisions, so your wounds will heal much faster compared to traditional surgery. The surgeons will also use special instruments that can minimize tissue trauma and blood loss, so you will feel less pain while scars heal.

If You Need a Laparoscopic Surgery in The Philippines, You Can Contact Cardinal Santos Medical Center Today!

As one of the reputable healthcare institutions to offer laparoscopic surgery in the Philippines, we have specially trained doctors, state-of-the-art equipment, and first-rate patient care from your diagnosis to recovery. If you’re interested in minimally invasive surgery for fewer scars, faster healing time, and shorter hospital stay, you can contact us here.

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